17 Dec 2021

Simple Iced Vanilla Coffee Recipe

So since getting my Nespresso machine I have been obsessed with making my coffee at home and finding simple coffee recipes to test out. 

This one is a super simple and easy iced coffee recipe to recreate at home, whether you have a Nespresso machine or not. This would work with other types of coffee machines too, so if you have a Keurig, Dolce Gusto or Tassimo give this a try, as long as you use a coffee based pod without the milk. If you didn't have a machine you could just substitute with your regular coffee - filter, instant or whatever you enjoy most. 

I am one of those people that will drink iced coffee all year round, it could be sub zero temperatures and you would still find me reaching for my iced lattes! Now this recipe isn't quite a latte (for that you would need to use an espresso pod), instead I opted for one of Nespresso's coffee pods, which pours at a larger amount, what they class as mug sized or 230ml. I tend to favour these style pods when making my iced coffee's as they make it super simple, super quick and give me a larger size drink. Which is good for me as I tend to guzzle my iced coffee otherwise! 

For this recipe I used the Barista Creations Vanilla Custard, now I know this pod is a bit like marmite - you either love it or hate it. Me personally, I really enjoy this pod as an iced coffee, I don't think it tastes so great hot and if you are looking for a more artisanal coffee like a latte, macchiato or cappuccino then this wouldn't be the pod I would use. But for this iced coffee recipe it works well. In terms of flavour, I think people expect the Barista Creations pods to hit them in the face with sweet vanilla, caramel or hazelnut notes, this definitely isn't the case. When they are brewing you can definitely smell the base flavours but in terms of sweetness and flavour it is pretty minimal to non-existent so don't let that put you off trying these pods. 

Also when using these 230ml size pods I like to pair them with oat milk over my usual almond milk, if you are in the US I think these pair really nicely with most creamers but here in the UK creamers aren't really a thing yet, so are pretty hard to come by. The oat milk works well as with its creamy consistency you don't require a lot, which again works better with these larger pods as it takes more ice to cool them so if you add a lot of milk you will end up diluting the coffee even more once the ice starts to melt.

Next up is the syrup, my syrup of choice was the Monin Vanilla syrup. I personally favour Monin syrups for flavour, I have tried a few and these are just the ones I enjoy most (note - these are all the sugar based versions, I really do not like the artificial sweet flavourings of sugar free syrups). However you could use any vanilla flavour syrup you have to hand. I go for 2 x teaspoons of syrup but add to your taste depending on how sweet you like your coffee. 

And of course you need a couple BIG handfuls of ice and your favourite coffee tumbler! Et voila! Your super simple but delicious iced vanilla coffee that tastes even better because you made it at home. 

I hope this maybe gave you some inspiration, I have linked all products I used below, if you try this coffee recipe out definitely let me know what you think in the comments!

Abi x 

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