3 Dec 2021

Realignment - This Blog Is Changing

So it's been a while, a very long while, ironic really as I remember my last post being a 'hey, I'm back' promising more content and regular posting, which didn't happen.... well let's swiftly move on from that.

Anyway, I am back, back to posting and back with a determination to share and be more consistent. However, in order to do so this blog will be changing.

There has been a lot of change over the last few years, since my break from posting, not only for me but for the whole world. We have been coping through a global pandemic, pat on the back to everyone out there making it through each day - it has been a rough couple of years - crazy to even be able to say couple of years, who would have though that back at the start! But I have also had a lot of personal change, shifts in me and my life - a process of realignment. So it is only natural that this blog needs to be realigned to fit with me and my life. 

Something I have always struggled with is sharing, I am quite a private person, contradictory for someone who blogs, yes I know! But I never struggle to be honest or open in person, if you sit with me for more that five minutes you will know I will happily tell you my life story!  I feel I have been through a lot, a lot I want to share, a lot I feel could help others. So I need to force myself to share, to come out of my comfort zone and to be honest and open with you all on here. The blog is called Abi's Life but I have never really actually shared much of my life on here. I always kept it very pretty, very cutesy and whimsical, the fun the fantasy of Disney and happy little things. But that isn't very real, it is also only really a very tiny snippet of my life. 

I have a wonderful life, I am very fortunate, but I have had my own struggles and I want to share - not just my highlight reel, as we all do in that tiny little square on instagram - but to share my life, my real life, my day to day. I often gravitate towards instagram accounts that are more relatable, more real so it only seems logical that I try to do the same.

So what can you expect from Abi's Life moving forward, well food, food is a big part of my life, mainly because I love food but it hates me! No seriously though, for years I have struggled with my gut health, stomach cramps and trying to get answers for food intolerances, hormonal in-balances etc with no success. This is something I am still working on. So I will keep you updated on my journey. Mental health, this is a big one for me, as it has been for us all these last couple of years, so I wan't to be more open and honest about my own personal mental health battles. Lastly finances, a still very much taboo topic (I have no idea why!) but I have been bad with money and now good with money and from my own struggles feel I can share some tips to help anyone going through the same. 

This has been a pretty long post, so if you have made it this far well done and thank you for sticking around! I am excited to start this journey of being more open and honest and sharing my REAL life with you

Abi x

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