24 Jun 2018

I'm Back!

I'm back! Hello, if your an old reader of the blog then thank you for sticking around, if you're new, then welcome. 

So I took a break from posting about 6 months ago but I'm pleased to say I'm back with more inspiration then ever. Let's start with a little catch up, lots has happened over the past 6 months, I had a fab Christmas and New Year spent with family, I'm a year older....woo! I'm in a new role at work and I have been up to lots of exciting things but more importantly I have a lot of exciting things coming up.

So let's start with the most exciting thing I've got up to, which of course happens to be Disney related, did you expect anything less? For my birthday I got gifted tickets to see The Lion King, by my wonderful boyfriend and oh my gosh it was AMAZING! I haven't been to see a West End show in so many years, like over a decade ago and boy oh boy this did not disappoint. I have wanted to see this since it came out and it was worth the wait. Every tiny detail was so well thought out, the costumes, the music, the scenery! I know I'm way behind the trend on this one but seriously if you haven't seen it yet, you NEED to! It was just magical and I'm so grateful for the gift. 

Now on to the big news and the most exciting thing coming up....I AM GOING TO DISNEY WORLD! I am so so excited, can you tell? This is my first trip in a few years and my boyfirend's first ever trip and I cannot wait to show him round and just see his face as he experiences everything for the first time. We're lucky enough to be going with my family and I can't thank them enough for their support on making this trip happen. It is going to be amazing and expect to see lots more Disney World posts coming up, also keep a check on the insta @abis.life to keep up to date with everything I get up to. 

Thanks for reading and let the holiday countdown commence! 


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