6 Oct 2017

Our Disneyland Paris Trip 2017

Hello lovelies, we're back! We had an amazing time away and I think its fair to say that the few days we spent in Disneyland went by far too quickly! (Warning : this will be a very photo heavy post!)

I wanted to do a little summary and recap of our trip, mainly in photo form. I like this blog to be a positive space on the internet so I will be focusing on the positives which was what our trip mostly comprised of but to be completely honest too the trip wasn't entirely positive, so there are a few negatives that I will skim over. Right, lets get the downsides out of the way, first off our trip got off to a little bit of a rocky start when we received a €70 fine at Marne-La-Valle (Disneyland) station after unknowingly being sold the wrong RER tickets by a member of Eurostar staff, not too impressed with them to be truthful and wouldn't recommend buying train tickets on board for Paris trains. Secondly and probably the biggest thing that we were saddened by was the park cast members seemed to be lacking the typical and almost synonymous with the park 'Disney Magic' - they were not smiley, nor attentive and just didn't seem to embrace Disney. This may be becuase I have been spoilt and had the pleasure of visiting the Florida parks, where cast members always greet you with a smile and a friendly comment but it is fair to say that we certainly didn't get the same treatment in Paris. The character meets were great and were some of my favourite parts of the trip, which I will get on to later, but overall we were left rather underwhelmed by our hotel staff and just general cast members around the park. Which has left me to say, sadly, if you are planning your first ever Disney trip I would highly recommend Florida or California.

Anyhow, now on to all of positives, after all we did still manage to make this a magical trip. We only had a few days and boy oh boy did we manage to fit in a lot. We did all the rides we wanted to, we saw the parade, which I adored and now have the music stuck in my head on repeat. I loved seeing all the 25th anniversary decorations and the characters in their beautiful anniversary costumes.

I loved all of the special blue and silver decorations and statues around Main Street and this Minnie and Mickey one was just too cute. We watched Illuminations on our second night and managed to get amazing seats, on one of the benches right by the castle. We find these to be the best as you have very few people blocking your view, although we did get there two hours in advance. The fireworks and projections were amazing and so magical, definitely a must see if you visit.

The special 25th anniversary parade was also a truly fantastic experience, I have always loved the parades since being little and this one was no exception. I particularly loved the Frozen float.

We were very lucky that we picked quite a quiet time to go and with staying in one of the park hotels, I will do a separate review on our hotel, we got extra magic hours, meaning we could go into the park an hour earlier.

I just love Main Street, it is my favourite place in all of the parks. So magical and always smells amazing!

We did a lot of shopping on Main Street and well....in every shop we saw to be honest! Just to be sure we didn't miss anything. Sometimes you can only get specific items in specific stores.

I fell in love with this adorable Thumper plush toy but sadly he was too big to bring home!

Like I say we were very lucky and were able to do every ride we wanted too, with the queues only being around 10-30 minutes long, although they did get much busier on our last day.

The only ride we sadly didn't get to do was Peter Pan's Flight, which is a favourite of ours but that's not too bad going! I think my favourite rides of the trip were Thunder Mountain and It's a Small World, they're both such classics!

Aside from the rides, I think the best part of the trip was meeting the characters. I love having fun and interacting with them, plus you have to get their autographs!

Chip and Dale are always so great to meet and so cheeky, they even did a little cat walk for us because I said I liked their safari costumes! A must to meet and greet these guys if you haven't before.

Although we weren't staying there we do go and look around the Disneyland Hotel and had a little browse in their shop. It is one of the most beautiful hotels ever and I have to say we did miss staying there! Just walking into the reception brought back so many memories for us both from our childhoods!

We managed to do everything we wanted to in Walt Disney Studios in one day, you definitely can fit everything in in a few days!

We just missed the Halloween decorations officially being but up - by a week! But there were some spooky characters about anyway. 

I hope you have enjoyed this photo summary of our trip, we had a great time and I have so so many more photos to share, too many to put in a blog post so follow me over on Instagram @abis.life to be sure to see all of them. 


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