17 Oct 2017

New Favourite Mascara

Hello lovelies, I have recently found a new mascara that I am actually blown away by and I do not give praise like that to a mascara lightly!

When it comes to my lashes I am very picky, extremely picky to be perfectly honest. I have extremely straight, short and fair lashes that just do not hold a curl. I have tried many mascaras over the years and have mostly been let down. Therefore, as mentioned in my everyday makeup staples post, I tend to stick to what I know works and rarely stray. Well last week my tried and tested mascara, the Tarte's Light, Camera, Splashes! ran out and for any of you who know the brand, know that this is not the easiest to pick up in the UK unless you order online. I had been lazy and had not ordered one when I first knew my mascara was running low, I know very bad. So I was in a predicament. I would love to say that I had researched, watched reviews and that this purchase was a strategic one - like most of my beauty purchases are - however it was really not. Normally that has a slim chance of working out well but in this instance I was pleasantly surprised. So happy and surprised that I am even writing a post about it, as I am so impressed I really want to share this product and no this is not sponsored. 

I have tried a lot of Maybelline Mascaras previously and whilst I liked them, I have never quite found one that had the perfect combination of all I was looking for in a mascara. It needs to be dark, to make my lashes appear thick, as well as lengthening, it has to be waterproof but be easy enough to wash off and not go clumpy, it needs to have a wand that can separate my lashes without being too tiny or too full that the mascara misses my short lashes and hits my skin! Lastly it must hold a curl! Well, voila, this mascara is the perfect fit. The Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious formula is amazing, it is dark, it lengthens and separates my lashes, making them not look clumpy but it is not too wet or runny to not hold a curl. It is also waterproof so would be perfect for holidays or just good old rainy England weather! Plus it washes off like a dream! An added bonus is it is extremely affordable, just as most Maybelline mascaras are, something which I love about them! At £8.99 this is a much more affordable option than some of my usual high end staples. You can also pick it up in most Boots and Superdrugs, so yay, no more hunting online for my everyday mascara! 

Do you have a favourite Mascara that you stick to everyday? 


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