31 Oct 2017

My Childhood Disney Plush Collection

 Today's post is going to be a little bit of a throwback, well a massive throwback for me in fact. I have loved Disney ever since I was little, so it is no surprise that I also loved collecting the merchandise, in particular the plush toys.

Recently I have been seeing a lot of lovely older Disney finds, of plush characters, that people have been sharing on Instagram, so I thought why not dedicate a post to my collection. I love how the simplest of things and little objects, that may be insignificant to others, can hold so much meaning and so many memories for you. When I ventured into the loft at my parents house and found these I immediately had that lovely nostalgic feeling just by seeing all of my cute little childhood friends. Now I want to start by saying that this is not all of it, this is primarily what could be accessed in the loft! How adorable is this mini Thumper.

I can remember playing with pretty much all of them. I of course had my favourites, I think this little Daisy in her summer swimwear was one I can remember carrying around a lot! How could you not lover her, her swimsuit has little daisies on it! 

Pretty much all of these were purchased at Disneyland Paris and since I frequented this park with my family many times over my childhood. I couldn't give the specific dates that each of these were purchased but I'm sure the oldest will date back to 1999. I must of had a thing for Pluto since I bought both a super-soft and a less fluffy version. 

I think you can tell some of the slightly older toys, from their faces mainly. I love that I can see the subtle changes that were made to characters, mainly Minnie and Mickey, over the years by looking through my collection. I think this classic Minnie must have been one of my first. She is tiny and adorable! 

I distinctly remember buying both of these and adoring playing with them. What child wouldn't love a cowgirl Minnie and a Hollywood glam Minnie, her outfits are so pretty.You can see the subtle differences in age between the two if you look at Minnie's nose and eyes. 

I had a thing for Minnie's. I just loved how you could buy her in all her different outfits! I know this Kimono Minnie is one of the older ones too as I remember her from being quite little. Her Kimono is so soft and there is so much detail in it. 

This pair are another standout for me. I used to play with these two for hours on end. Donald and Daisy were big favourites of mine and still are. The thing that I love about these two is that their arms and legs are opposable, so you can sit them up, stand them and are just great for a child to play around with. I think now I'm older Daisy is still one of my favourites. I just think she's so pretty. 

Now these I think are fairly old but I would love if anyone knew any more information on them, such as if they were a special collectors piece. They are gorgeous and the detail in Minnie's dress and vail is amazing. I don't think I completely understood that they were in bridal outfits when I was younger but I remember being fascinated by Minnie's 'ball gown'. 

Now last but by no means least, is my favourite. I think he was actually purchased when I was slightly older at the Walt Disney Studios in Paris and whilst I think I loved him as a child, I absolutely adore him now I am older. I just adore all of the older cartoons and Steamboat Willie Mickey is one of my favourite styles. I was actually on the hunt for him on our last Disneyland trip but could not find him! I actually love my one even more as he's a director Mickey and I think that is so cool, his speakerphone even has the studios logo on it! Ahh amazing! All I need to do is collect the grey and black Minnie now. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my little childhood Disney collection, it has been so much fun going through them and reminiscing on all the fun times and memories they have brought me. I feel like Andy in Toy Story. I'm so grateful that they have kept so well and I think this is a testament to Disney products and how well they are made, considering these are nearly 20 years old! I am also massively grateful to my parents for not only treating me to all of these as a child but always teaching me to take care of my things and never throwing anything away. Now I can to treasure these as an adult! 

Do you have a favourite childhood Disney toy? 


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