11 Oct 2017

Disneyland Paris Haul

So I thought I would do a little post all about our purchases at Disneyland Paris. 

I know people either love or hate hauls but I personally love them, probably because I am quite nosey and a lot of these bits I believe you can pick up from the UK Disney Store so might give you some good Christmas present ideas. Yes I did just say Christmas, it will soon come around and I cannot wait! We actually surprised ourselves and didn't buy anywhere near as much as we were expecting, after all we budgeted that most of our spending money would go on merchandise. We personally felt that there wasn't that much variety there this year. I can speak from personal experience, having been to Disneyland in only 2015 and Disney World last year, I think in comparison to my previous trips the merchandise was certainly a bit lacking and a lot of the shops all carried the same things. Which was slightly disappointing but oh well, more money for us to spend on our next trip to Disney World!

None the less, money was still spent and we did find some lovely bits to bring home with us. Including super soft hoodie and an amazing back pack, both for Tom but I already have my eyes on the back pack - little does he know! One of my favourite pieces is the Christmas decoration we picked up in the Christmas shop within the castle. I knew I wanted to buy a decoration for the tree on our trip and I had my heart set on it being something to do with the 25th Anniversary and this is just perfect. Its simple and not too in your face, which I love and it will also fit perfectly with our white, red and silver theme I plan to do this year. Its also a lovely little reminder of our first trip together, which we will treasure forever. 

The next purchase was one I had also planned to get this trip. My brother bought the Mickey equivalent on our trip back in 2015 and I never saw them in America when we went so I had to pick it up this time! I love pretty stationary and I absolutely adore my Disney stationary that I own, mostly bought in Florida, so this will get very much use and love. You can buy them at a couple of stores in the park but my favourite is the little glass shop within the castle, which is where I got mine. They can also be bought as a standard pen or you can get them personalised for an extra €4.50 and they will do it for you straight away whilst you wait. I love it so much! 

One thing we did go a little crazy on is straws. How cute are these? I am a little odd and I love drinking through a straw, I always find I end up drinking more so when I saw these I just had to have them. I am always buying plastic straws so now I have some re-usable ones, this will be far less wasteful. Mine are of course the pink and red ones, I love Marie and Minnie so these are just perfect and although I haven't seen Tom drink from a straw as much I think he got his just to not feel left out - more for me to use anyway! They have so many colours and characters and most were only around  €2.99 so worth looking out for on your next trip. 

My parents have some gorgeous tall drinking glasses, with Mickey Mouse outlines etched into them, that I am very envious of so when we saw these we had to have them. We picked up four and I think they are just so retro looking and adorable! I actually regret not picking up more. They did have quite a few different styles with lots of characters on but they were imprinted on the outside and the brilliant thing with these is that the pattern/print shouldn't fade in the wash! One thing that we have been asked a lot since being back is if the merchandise was expensive and I can honestly answer that it wasn't. Not for Disney anyway, I would say a lot of things were very reasonably prised, there are certain items there if you really want to flash the cash and spend quite a lot on but most things are very fairly priced. 

Now as I mentioned, we didn't buy as much in Disney as we expected, so what is the first thing you do when you come back from Disneyland - you go visit the Disney Store! Well I think it was fair to say that there was a lot, and I mean A LOT of things I saw in the Disney Store that I liked and will be putting on my Christmas list this year. Alas I restrained myself and only picked up a couple of items. Including this super cute Christmas bauble above. I love Chip and Dale and they were one of my favourite character meets from our trip so I thought this was quite fitting. Plus how cute is it! I love the simple red and white colours and the little bit of sparkle, I just cannot wait to put this on our tree!

One thing that I always love to try and pick up on Disney trips is a new mug, they always have the cutest selection and last so well in the wash but sadly I couldn't find any in Disneyland that I liked. As soon as I walked into the Disney Store and spotted this I fell in love. I forgot how much I loved the Aristocats when I was little until I watched it again recently and this mug is just so adorable. I love the colour, the gorgeous little bow and it is the perfect mug for a cup of tea! 

Lastly we popped into Primark and I found this fluffy throw that I have been seeing all over Instagram recently and at only £6 I had to have it! Primark throws, if you didn't know, are amazing! They are so so soft and fluffy and wash extremely well. I love the colour of this, as grey is my favourite colour and I just adore how subtle the Mickey outlines are! This will take pride of place on our bed I think. 

I feel like with this kind of post I have to point out how extremely appreciative of how lucky I am to be able to go on trips and make purchases like this so I am only sharing to maybe give ideas and not to brag at all. hope you enjoyed reading this post, I know the last few bits were actually from Disney but they are just so adorable I felt like I had to throw them in. I love seeing Disney park purchases and finding out unique things to look out for, so hope I might have helped inspire you. 


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