22 Sept 2017

We're Going To Disneyland!

Eeeeeek! This has pretty much been my sole thought for the past few weeks because....we're going to Disneyland!

If you follow me on Instagram then this is no surprise and you will know how excited I am...just a tad. I am so excited, beyond excited, I am ecstatic and so grateful that I am about to go on this amazing trip. I love Disney and I love Disneyland Paris, it was the very first Disney resort that I ever visited and boy oh boy did I fall in love. It has so many wonderful, special memories for me that I treasure and I just always think of it as such a magical place. Now Tom and I get to visit it together, as grown ups, well sort of grown ups, and enjoy everything all the more. I am even more excited as it is the 25th anniversary of the park this year so there are extra magical things happening, which I just can't wait to experience and enjoy them all. I plan to eat all the foods....believe me I have lists, wear all the ears, ride all the rides (yes even Tower of Terror - I'm coming for you) and buy all the merchandise!  We're staying in the Hotel Sante Fe which I am extremely looking forward to, as I have never stayed here before, it may also have something to do with the fact that it has a Starbucks within it - I cannot wait for that! Plus I plan to do a few blog posts all tailored to our trip so keep an eye out for those.

Have you got any Disney trips planned soon? Or any advice on what to do/see/eat whilst we're in Disneyland Paris? 



  1. Have a great trip and look out for the hidden mickeys ��

  2. Have an awesome trip! Take lots of photos. 💕

  3. Thank you, will do, I hope we see some 💕