18 Sept 2017

University Bag Essentials

So with freshers week just around the corner and with a lot of University students/college students already back, I thought I would do a little University post, I'm hoping to do a few of these, just to share with you some tips and things I learnt from my time at Uni.

For this post, I thought I would look at some essentials worth carrying with you everyday. I adore stationary, especially pretty stationary - I am a bit of an obsessive - which is ironic considering I was never one of those children that got excited by buying a new pencil case or pens at the end of the summer ready for the next school year. Oh how things have changed! So stationary is a key focus as well as some other bits. Anyway, I have broken down what I feel to be the 'necessities' to help you get through your studies and just really things worth having in your bag or backpack. 

Ok so to many this may be obvious, seen as we are in a very much digital age it is probably just the norm that, duh - of course you would have your laptop, iPad, iPhone and so on with you. Well to me it wasn't. I didn't plan on taking my laptop in nor did I actually want to. I am a little old fashioned and love the feel of pen to paper so planned to write all my notes in a notebook (well lets face it - notebooks). This soon changed, when you are taking multiple modules, I had four per semester, it can actually be a bit of a pain and a little awkward to constantly have to flick between different notebooks for different topics or to divide the same notebook. Also, what I didn't expect, is for some modules, the lectures expect you to bring in a laptop so you will end up needing it anyway. I did still write some of my notes but found that it was much easier to just have separate folders and word documents on my laptop to keep everything tidy and have it all in one place. So no need to panic if your assignment group springs an impromptu study session on you, or your lecturer does a pop quiz on the topic you covered three weeks back. Plus, as I commuted, I will do a separate post on this, I would often have big three to four hour gaps in my day and lets just say my laptop, itv player and youtube came in very handy. 

Ok so again this may seem very obvious, but the one thing I would add is you don't need a tonne of notebooks, maybe just one decent sized and super cute pad for you to jot things down in. If you are adamant on writing all your notes then you can buy pretty dividers and sticky pads to help you keep organised but I would highly recommend only using one to two notebooks max. Not only do they make your bag heavy, it is harder to keep track of everything and you also need to be able to carry in other things such as your course books, food, water, handouts - believe me boy oh boy does there end up being a lot of handouts and any other necessities. Trust me, just having the one notebook is a really good idea. 

Pens, pens and more pens
You can never have too many pens. Seriously. You will lend them, and they won't come back, you will loose them, you will break them, they will run out and again you will just loose them. Where do pens go, they are like bobby pins - no matter how well you look after them they all just eventually disappear into some abyss! I always have one really nice pen on me too, I tend to use my Swarovski one, just for if you are ever working on an assignment project with a client or go to a networking event where you might meet someone important, it looks really fab, plus professional to whip out a nice pen. Just do not lend it to anyone. It will not come back. I am all for sharing, just not my pretty pens! 

Having a diary throughout university is a massive life saver! I didn't carry one for my first year and it was so hard to keep track of everything. Even if you like using your digital calendar on your phone or computer, which is great too. I would seriously recommend investing in a paper diary, even if its just a small one. They come in so handy to keep track of assignment deadlines, random module events, social events and just day to day goings on. 

Water and snacks
If you are living on campus, in your first year, or are close by, then this may not be such a necessity for you however, as I commuted this really was. Sometimes your days can be long, granted sometimes you only have a two hour seminar and that is it, however for those days where you are there from 8am to 6pm having a drink and some food is really handy. Of course, there are always refreshments on campus and its nice to grab a tea or coffee, especially in the Winter, however if you are constantly buying food it soon adds up. I am a snacker, I love to graze on things throughout the day, so alongside always having a big bottle of water, stay hydrated people, I suggest packing some easy to eat food such as grapes, snack bars, whatever you like. Trust me your tummy will thank you for it. 

Ok so I can imagine this to be quite a controversial one. Obviously if you don't wear makeup then great, but what I recommend carry is just some bits to freshen yourself up and make you feel out together. I am not on about bringing your whole makeup bag with you, if you want to then go for it, but just some essentials (whatever they may be for you) for me it was concealer, powder, mascara, lipstick, perfume, a hair brush and some body spray/deodorant. This is just so handy to have on you, in case you end up going somewhere after lecturers or you friends invite you for a spur of the moment meal out or drinks. You will really thank yourself for bringing in a few essentials with you.

So these are my Uni bag essentials, hopefully this might have been helpful to some of you or maybe given you a few ideas. It will vary depending on what you feel you need and maybe even the course you are studying but I think if you have a few essential things then you can't really go wrong. Hope everyone has a great freshers week! 


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