15 Sept 2017

My Disney Jewellery Collection

So if you love Disney and jewellery, which I absolutely do! Then this post will be right up your street.

I am a little bit of a magpie and although I don't wear much jewellery day to day, I tend to stick to the same few pieces, I can't help myself but to add to my collection every time I see something shiny and pretty. I blame it on the fact I used to work in a jewellers. I'm always on the look out whenever I visit the parks and nearly always find something new to take home with me. This hasn't been an intentional collection but I just adore finding lovely delicate pieces of jewellery that have a subtle Disney reference.

This is probably the first piece of 'proper' Disney jewellery that I have ever owned, I mean of course I had the Cinderella and Belle Tiara and the pretty beaded necklaces when I was little - my obsession started from a young age! But this is the first item that is a little bit more grown up. It is a beautifully delicate, sterling silver and gold plated little Mickey Mouse silhouette with cubic zirconia. How adorable! This was purchased for me by my parents on one of our trips to Disneyland Paris, the perfect little keepsake. It is super tiny, this photo doesn't do it justice, so its a nice little nod to my love of Disney without being too obvious. One thing that is worth noting about Disney jewellery is the quality - it is amazing! I have had this piece for over ten years and it is still in perfect condition, no signs of wear to the plating and all stones are in tact, pretty impressive if you ask me.

So going from the oldest piece in my collection to the newest. This little gem was purchased on my most recent trip to Walt Disney World Florida last summer. I actually picked this up in the Contemporary resort, after a Chef Mickey's breakfast but I believe you can find them across all the parks. I  initially saw this necklace on someone else and then persisted to spend the rest of my trip tracking it down, it's a little sterling silver castle outline, with an adjustable chain. It just makes me smile looking at it. I love the fact that its a little reminder of magic every time I wear it and again its pretty dainty so not to obvious that you're wearing something Disney. Plus you can also get the bracelet and earrings to match and if you're not a fan of silver there are also gold plated versions too! I just love how unique this is and it always gets compliments. 

Again, this was another purchase from my last trip to Florida and is actually part of the Pandora Disney collection. So far this collection is only available in America and to my knowledge, there are also only certain items that you can pick up in the parks, I don't think this is one of them. If you are a fan of Pandora and are heading off to Walt Disney World then I would definitely recommend visiting the Pandora store in Magic Kingdom, you can find the collection across all parks but this store is worth a visit, it is beautiful! I don't actually own much Pandora but I fell in love with this piece, and the boxes, as pictured at the beginning of this post, are worth buying an item alone for - they are just too cute! I love that at first glance you wouldn't notice the Disney reference but it has hidden a little Mickey silhouette, and some sparkle - so its perfect! This charm is sold separate from the chain so you can add it to a bracelet or wear on a chain as a necklace, like I've done above. 

So seeing as I was such a fan of the Pandora Mickey silhouette charm, it probably comes as no surprise that I have the matching bracelet. Now this wasn't actually bought in the parks but was in fact, a gift from my very own Prince Charming and it is the only piece that I wear everyday. I love it, even more than the necklace if you can believe that! I have pretty small wrists and this bracelet is the only bracelet I have found to fit me perfectly! Ahh amazing! It comes in three sizes, I have the smallest, and has two settings you can fix it on depending on how loose you would like it. What can I say, it is a heart, it has Mickey on it and its sparkly - it is perfect and I love it! 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my Disney jewellery collection, I love all the pieces that I own and they hold so many happy memories for me. I'd love to know whats your favourite piece of Disney jewellery that you own or if you'er eyeing up any purchases for your next trip? 


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